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Subtractional Programming

Created on: 2003-01-09

Posted in products primal

Although it's not the game I am working on full-time, I found out today that I am still in the official credits for Primal under the "extra help" section. Fame at last! (But no sales bonus).

If it's in the instruction booklet too, I'll be able to show it to my brother's fiancee's sister's kids (hello Matthew and Luke!)

It's a minor tribute that I'm not in the "additional programming" section. That sort of section is usually reserved for employees who have left under a cloud, no matter how large a contribution. Indeed I know several examples of people who have written entire engines and still ended up in Additional Programming after leaving at the wrong time.

The moral of the story? Always wait until 3 months after release before leaving. That way you get your sales bonus too...

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