Sept. 6, 2007

So Little Time…

I’ve taken the day off.

While it’s great to have a worthwhile and time-consuming project at work, it means that I’m neglecting the other, more creative areas of my brain. Sometimes you need to take a break and refresh those un-tickled corners of the mind

Things I’d like to do:

  • Make a game! (Watch this space).
  • Learn Erlang, to see how well it maps on to current console architectures (and the next ones).
  • Finish having a go at the ICFP competition puzzles that I started.
  • Investigate visual recognition systems and the maths behind them.
  • Finish learning how to use my Sony Alpha SLR camera properly.
  • Buy a bike and use it (the bike is bought, but not delivered).
  • Do some writing. Maybe this is a start.

Phew! That’s too much. Where should I start?