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Reading List, 2014

Created on: 2015-01-12

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  1. Invisible Ink, Fowler, Christopher
  2. Apollo, the race to the moon, Murray, Charles A. Bly Cox, Catherine
  3. The '44 Vintage, Price, Anthony
  4. Press Gang, Greenslade, Roy
  5. The Eye of Osiris, Austin Freeman, R
  6. Crypto, Levy, Steven
  7. Rommel: Gunner Who?, Milligan, Spike
  8. Mindstorms, Papert, Seymour
  9. A Murder of Quality, Le Carre, John
  10. The Most Dangerous Game, Lyall, Gavin
  11. Shooting Script, Lyall, Gavin
  12. Tomorrow's Ghost, Price, Anthony
  13. The Secret Servant, Lyall, Gavin
  14. The Conduct of Major Maxim, Lyall, Gavin
  15. The Crocus List, Lyall, Gavin
  16. Uncle Target, Lyall, Gavin
  17. Making Ideas Happen, Berkun, Scott
  18. Guns, Germs and Steel, Diamond, Jared
  19. Rivers of London, Aaronovich, Ben
  20. The Secret Pilgrim, Le Carre, John
  21. Death of Marco Pantani, Rendell, Matt
  22. Rough Ride, Kimmage, Paul
  23. Bad Blood, Whittle, Jeremy
  24. Ratking, Dibdin, Michael
  25. Vendetta, Dibdin, Michael
  26. Cabal Dibdin,, Michael
  27. Dead Lagoon, Dibdin, Michael
  28. Cosi Fan Tutti, Dibdin, Michael
  29. A Long Finish, Dibdin, Michael
  30. Blood Rain, Dibdin, Michael
  31. And Then You Die, Dibdin, Michael
  32. Medusa, Dibdin, Michael
  33. Back to Bologna, Dibdin, Michael
  34. End Games, Dibdin, Michael
  35. Police at the Funeral, Allingham, Margery
  36. Modern Japan, Christopher Goto-Jones
  37. Hide my Eyes, Allingham, Margery
  38. Feet in the Clouds, Askwith, Richard
  39. Shroud for a Nightingale, James, PD
  40. The Black Tower, James, PD
  41. Good Italy, Bad Italy, Emmott, Bill
  42. Stuart Britain (Very Short Introductions)
  43. Moon over Soho, Aaronovich, Ben

So, 43 books, but a lot of re-reads and comfort reading, and not a lot of non-fiction. Still room for improvement. Progress was blocked by a couple of real eye-busting historical reads, including Christopher Clark's The Sleepwalkers which I am still wading through.

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