Jan. 8, 2003

MediEvil 2

The first game I worked on at Sony Cambridge that earned a release was MediEvil 2. I’ve set up a page to note down random bits that people have asked from time to time.

I’m still quite proud of it. Over time I’ll add random bits and pieces about the game on this page.

The cheat code

Lots of places quote the code wrongly, because the cheat code changed between the review copy and the final game. The correct code is: Pause the game, hold L2 and press: Down, Right, Circle, Left, Left, Triangle, Right, Circle, Left, Left (“DROLLTROLL”).

Ironically, people found out that entering the cheat code for MediEvil 1 (“TOOTOOTLOUDDROLLTROLLTODOOR”) worked because the second game’s code was a subset. We didn’t realize this till later…


There is a known sporadic crash bug on the Pumpkin Gardens level on European copies of the game. In rooms with the spitting plants, a memory overwrite can cause data to be trashed, leading to random crashing. This bug is entirely my fault! It’s fixed on the US release.


There are currently no plans for a Medievil 3. But this is always subject to change. ;-)


  • Princess Kiya’s working name was Dawn (Dawn of the Dead? Geddit?)
  • Professor Kift was named after one of the developers, Martin Kift.
  • On the Count level, there are statues in the landscape. Their chests are digitised images of Alan McCarthy, one of the programmers.