Nov. 5, 2004

Ghosthunter Cheats

It’s about time I posted the cheats to this game.

To activate, you need to:

  • be in-game,
  • hold down a certain button combo for about 5 seconds (with no other buttons held)
  • tap an extra button (keeping the combo held down).

Here are the current combos:

L3, digital “right” Triangle Disable Laz death
L3, digital “right” Circle Mega damage (easier to kill enemies)
R3, Square digital “up” Hat Cheat. Some entities will wear silly hats/costumes.

(“digital right” refers to the button directly left of “select”, not sure what the official name is)

You will get a piece of text such as “Yes!” on-screen if each code has worked.

You need to do these in the order specified (e.g. you can’t turn on the hat cheat on its own).

Cheats will be saved until the machine is reset, but not saved on memory card.

As an example of the hat cheat: here’s the teddy monster with a handbag:


There are several others, but I don’t want to spoil the fun.