March 10, 2018

Demo and source download pages

People are still asking me for source code after two years’ retirement, so here’s a small page to store it all.


All are .zip files.

  • 44, a 4K demo. ST, Falcon. (89K)
  • Binliner 3D Previews. Falcon. (UK, 170K)
  • Sonolumineszenz. Falcon. (Germany,1.2meg) (France,1.2meg) (UK, 1.2meg)
  • Maggie intros 18, 20, 21, 24, 26. ST and Falcon, renamed to run from the desktop. All except the Burning Cow are VGA compatible. I’d avoid Nemesis though unless you have RAGE .(UK, 201K)
  • The 3K Fish Demo. Falcon. (UK, 4K)
  • The Unnamed Avena Fried Bits 3 demo (Germany,1.5Meg)
  • Arundhati Roy”, 128 byte demo (UK, 2K)
  • Maggie 21 intro

Source code

  • Sonolumineszenz 68030 code (UK, 133K),
  • Sonolumineszenz 56001 DSP code (UK, 114K)
  • Sonolumineszenz Data files (UK, 680K) Note that you can’t build the whole demo with these 3 files, sorry.
  • 3K demo, source 68030 and DSP (UK, 30K)
  • Binliner 68030 code - unfinished (UK, 185K)
  • Binliner DSP code - unfinished (UK, 136K)
  • GFA code for crummy file converters (UK,277K)
  • Non-SSI DSP .mod file player, useful for demos with DSP effects (UK, 20K)
  • Maggie 21 intro. ST. (UK, 101K)
  • Maggie 24 intro. ST. (UK, 21K)
  • Maggie 26 intro. Falcon. (UK, 185K)
  • User code and documentation on Brainstorm’s JPEG decoder software (UK, 19K)

Docs and Maggie Articles

  • Lots of docs, Zipped into one (UK,  68K)
  • 3D Blobs (UK) (unfinished, sorry)
  • 3D Rotation (UK)
  • 2D Blobs (UK)
  • Brainstorm JPEG decoder information (UK)
  • The DSP 56K m-registers (UK)
  • Perlin textures (UK)
  • Cubic splines (UK)
  • ST Demos explained 1 (UK)
  • ST Demos explained 2 (UK)
  • ST Demos explained 3 (UK)
  • Falcon XBIOS DSP system calls (UK)