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How to batch-convert Sony ARW files using free tools

Created on: 2012-09-02

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There are lots of tools around that say they can handle ARW files, but don't be fooled. Many just take what seems to be an embedded low resolution thumbnail in the file and use that, giving you awful results.

In addition, many tools based on dcraw, the "standard" raw format conversion tool, don't have the correct colour matrix set-up for your camera. As a result, the images come out looking strange (usually washed out and slightly green in my case).

Here's what I use to convert a whole folder of images. It should work on Windows as well as Linux.

Here's an example:

ufraw-batch *.ARW --out-type=jpeg --compression=99

This should convert all the files in your current directory to high-quality JPEG files.

There are many different options available, for example, you can resize or crop the images. Use...

ufraw-batch --help

.. to list them all.

If you get error boxes about missing DLLs, see the above Windows install information. You need the "png" DLL file, plus the GTK DLL from Gimp's install.

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